Mint Medical would like to become your partner in delivering quality, reliable, reproducible vascular examinations for your patients.  When you partner with us, we provide you with customized solutions that can include our own talented, accredited technologist and interpreting physicians; state-of-the-art equipment and technologies; quick turnaround time for appointments and results; and administrative services to take on the task of managing complex billing and insurance requirements. Mint Medical will work with you to put together a personalized solution for your vascular examination needs.

Vascular Lab Accreditation

  • Providing the tools & experience to effectively manage the accreditation process
  • Most Mint Medical customer facilities have IAC accreditation
  • Labs that proactively pursue accreditation before required demonstrate willingness to surpass current expectations

Quality Assurance

  • Coordination & implementation of quarterly reviews with supervising physicians
  • Correlation data routinely compiled and provided
  • Data collection per IAC requirements
  • Clinical protocol development, implementation & enhancement

Lab Operations

  • Service is available from one RVT, one day per week to multiple RVTs full time
  • 97% up time guarantee minimizes the risk of common lab schedule disruption
  • Administrative services available for scheduling, appointment confirmations, exam transcription, insurance eligibility verification, registration, patient triage, & report distribution
  • Mint Medical is contracted with many 3rd party payors and it’s billing & collections apparatus is available to shoulder the burden of the abstruse functions of medical billing


  • State-of-the-art ultrasound & arterial Doppler technology
  • Ergonomic & portable ultrasound equipment allows our technologists to be more efficient
  • DICOM compatible technology

Professional Services

  • Interpretations from our contracted Board Certified Vascular Surgery Group is available on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Our Medical Director is RVT credentialed & has been in the practice of interpreting vascular ultrasound for over 16 years
  • Images & final reports can be made available via the Internet

Mint Medical’s flexible service offering enables us to build a custom program to meet the specific needs of each customer, large or small.

Please contact us to Discuss Partnership Opportunities