We help deliver high quality, reliable patient care.

Since 1999, Mint Medical has provided non-invasive, vascular laboratory services throughout Northern California.

Ultrasound is one of the most subjective diagnostic imaging modalities, and general and vascular surgeons must rely upon specific, often esoteric, ultrasound services to effectively diagnose and monitor patients. The expertise and education of technologists and interpreting physicians can greatly affect the quality of diagnostic outcomes. Our niche in developing and managing dedicated vascular labs was born to meet the strong demand for improved, high quality exams and professional services.

All of our technologists and interpreting physicians are credentialed by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medial Sonographers (ARDMS). Many of our vascular technologists have earned four year Bachelor of Science degrees, many in Vascular Technology.

Our company culture is unique and is built on the philosophy of hiring talented people who:

  • Work well in an autonomous environment with minimal supervision
  • Work collaboratively with each other within each respective work group with a strong emphasis on mutual respect
  • Hold a high degree of accountability in being productive
  • Strive always to act in the best interest of the patients and providers they serve

Physicians rely on Mint Medical to deliver consistent, reproducible results for the effective diagnosis and long-term monitoring of their patients.